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Fair Energy | Heat Supply Contracts

Heat Supply Contracts

Peace of mind for the long term

Fair Energy offers free installation of wood chip or wood pellet boiler plants to replace existing fossil fuel boilers in commercial or public sector buildings through a Heat Supply contract. Under the contract we also supply the fuel, maintain the plant, meter the quantity of heat consumed and administer the arrangement, which includes billing.

You pay for the wood fuel at the market rate, which is generally about a third cheaper than oil, 50% cheaper than LPG and 70% cheaper than electricity.

We also guarantee to maintain fuel supply for the duration of the contract, thereby providing greater fuel security.

We receive the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for return on our investment, administration of the contract and maintenance of the plant. The contract would generally last for 20 years.

The benefits to you of a heat supply contract are:

  • Near carbon neutral space and hot water heating (with large benefits for organisations in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme)
  • Fuel cost saving (this may not always be the case if you are currently running on mains gas)
  • Fuel security for the duration of the contract (normally 20 years)
  • No requirement to service boilers or plant
  • No requirement to order fuel
  • Only paying for actual heat usage – this can lead to even greater savings as many organisations have boilers which are 60-85% efficient
  • Wider benefits include local job creation, keeping fuel spending within the local economy and the improvement of woodland.

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