Lincolnshire farming crop to fuel £200k biomass heater

Posted on 23rd April 2012

A farming estate near Lincoln could be about to fuel its own £200,000 biomass heating system through the crops that it grows.

The owner is looking to install biomass boilers which will be powered by miscanthus grass pellets.  Heating and hot water would be provided for the main hall, outbuildings and estate office, all from the one installation.

A second boiler would supply the cottages and houses on the rest of the land.

West Lindsey District Council is currently considering the application for the biomass technology to be installed.

There is also consideration for a third boiler to be installed which would then provide benefits to 11 properties, with nine families benefiting in total.

Miscanthus, is a type of grass and will provide the fuel for the biomass system.

The owner said:

“The price of oil is getting more and more expensive and Hackthorn Hall, as well as a good number of the houses on the estate, are period properties…

…They are between 200 and 300 years old and while they have a good deal of charm, they don’t have the insulation systems of modern houses.”

The savings on energy bills are expected to cover the cost of the biomass system over the next 10-15 years – especially given the increase of oil and gas.

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